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The Rise is a Frasers Property Australia masterplanned community located within the leafy suburb of Park Ridge. 

ALLROADS were initially awarded the contract to undertake stages 5 – 7 in early November 2016, additional stages 8 to 11, 14 – 15 and 12 & 13 followed which was completed in April 2018. Our civil works package included the clearing and grubbing, bulk earthworks including import & export, retaining walls, stormwater, sewer, water reticulation, gravel placement and asphalting and providing supervision for the client nominated landscape and electrical subcontractors.

One of the major challenges was that the site was managing unsuitable material onsite. There were previously a lot of natural springs as it was previously wetlands and soft spots were a constant challenge. In addition, our last stage was the lowest point of the development and needed to be staged in such a way to maintain stormwater catchment and drainage as per ERSC requirements. As it was a high risk for the local council, LCC conducted regular inspections and all inspections were compliant.

With a design that focuses on green spaces, shared use paths and plenty of recreational areas, Allroads are proud to present its latest partnership with Arcadis & Frasers Property.

  • 30,000m3 of bulk earthworks in existing wetlands

  • Construction of 2,000m2of concrete pavement & 3,500m2 of concrete driveways & footpaths. 

  • Construction of over 1,600 m2 concrete sleeper, good neighbour fencing and 300m2 boulder retaining wall structures.

  • Construction of over 10,000m2 new road pavements with rock bridging & asphalt surfacing.

  • Installation of 1,500m RIGSS sewer, 500m of Sewer Rising Main including a sewer pump station and 1,100m of water supply infrastructure

  • Creation of new intersection on Lindenthal Road

  • Construction of 1,600m of stormwater drainage infrastructure including two bio-retention basins & quadruple cell 1800×900 culvert structure to TMR specifications

  • High level of environmental management due to existing overland flow paths and sensitive receptors.

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