HV/LV Separation Road & C-Dam Decommissioning

BHP Billiton Mitsu Coal Pty Ltd

South Walker Creek Coal Mine, Southwest Queensland

$6.2 Million

The South Walker Creek open cut coal mine is located in the Bowen Basin in Queensland, 35 kilometres from Nebo.  Allroads have been contracted to deliver works for the HV/LV Separation Project and also the decommissioning of C-Dam Rapid Release Outlets to present a safe environment for Light Vehicle access across the site as a result of mitigating contact with Heavy Vehicles. 

The HV/LV Separation project includes:

  • Constructing approximately 7.8km of the new Site access roadway;

  • Constructing roadway intersections for crossing the Haul Road to provide access by Light Vehicles to Pit Ramps, Explosives Compound and Coal Stockpiles;

  • Constructing additional multi-plate drainage culverts beneath the new embankments for the new Light Vehicle roadway and associated drainage works.

The rapid release Dam is currently made up of 5 relieving pipes that require a hydrotite seal installed inside and outside the inlet of the pipes with a mass concrete plug to encase the pipes then filled with a capping layer to tie into the existing surrounds. Dewatering efforts of the Dam are required prior to the works with a retaining coffer dam to then be installed upstream of inlets in order to construct a working platform to complete the works. 

  • Implemented and Complied with High Standard BMC Safety Protocols

  • Supply and placement of 80,000 tons of Gravel Materials

  • Over 100,00 m3 of cut to fill earthworks

  • Installation of over 600m of CPS Pipe up to 2100 diameter 

  • Detailed Project Management Plans and Construction Methodologies 

  • Compliance with Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017

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