Mt Cotton Road & Duncan road

Wide Centreline Treatment

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Sheldon, Qld

$2.4 million

ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake shoulder widening works at Mount Cotton Road, Capalaba and Duncan Road, Sheldon, for the Department of Transport and Main Roads


The project was classified as an R3 TMR project due to noise restrictions, environment impacts (high volume of clearing and grubbing within residential areas) and a high degree of community liaison between the local residents.


The scope of works included clearing and grubbing of 22,500m² of road reserve, which required a pre and post clearing survey to be completed by a flora and fauna spotter. A spotter catcher was also utilised during the entire clearing and grubbing process.


Duncan Road / Mt Cotton Road serves as a main thoroughfare for residents of the Redland Shire. Therefore, due to the high daily traffic volumes, works were carried out at night. A strict traffic management plan was also adhered to, to ensure the road was clean and clear of any debris prior to opening back to traffic every morning. Continuous and additional traffic checks were completed throughout the life of the project and these included daily, nightly and weekend checks.


A total of 1,848m³ of excavation was completed to widen the existing road corridor to accommodate for the wide centreline treatment. Pavement redesign changes were implemented which was commercially beneficial to both parties and assisted with delivering the project on time and within budget.

  • Installation of 2,430m of subsoil/pavement drainage


  • Extension of five existing culverts


  • Reconstruction of sixteen driveways inclusive of new stormwater drainage and headwalls


  • 960m of guardrail


  • Re-construction of two bus bays


  • Pavement redesign – 2.5 gravel layer removed and replaced by increase layer thickness within the 2.3 and 2.1 gravel


  • Use of recycled road base (RM003 in lieu of 2.3 Gravel) supplied by Alex Fraser


  • Guardrail redesign – amended from Charlie post to Ezy-guard System.


  • High public protection standards to minimise disturbance and ensure safety of local residents


  • Project was completed on time and within budget.

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