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pimpama city shopping centre development

stages 2 & 3 bulk earthworks, stormwatr & pavements

ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd

Pimpama, Qld

$5.35 million

In September 2017 ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake bulk earthworks as part of the new Pimpama Shopping Centre development.

Originally awarded a bulk earthwork contract for the project, Rix Developments and ADCO were highly impressed with the delivery of the contract and subsequently ALLROADS was awarded follow on works including the construction of stormwater infrastructure, pavements, kerb and channel and asphalt.


Therefore, the overall scope of ALLROADS involvement included:


  • Establishment of sediment and erosion controls,

  • Sealing of temporary hardstand and access road,

  • Removal of existing mulch and strip topsoil offsite under fire ant biosecurity controls,

  • Bulk earthworks including cut to fill and import,

  • Construction of CBR 15 working platforms to building pads and roadways,

  • Construction of CBR 45 and CBR 80 gravel pavements,

  • Subsoil drainage,

  • Stormwater pipes and structures,

  • Asphalt surfacing.


The secondary phase of works was especially challenging, with ALLROADS needing to coordinate staging and works delivery with a multitude of other trades on site. The congestion caused by other trades was managed by working closely with our client ADCO, staging and programming works to enable a continuous and productive flow of work which saw ALLROADS complete works ahead of schedule.

  • 25,000m3 Bulk Earthworks

  • 8,400m3 CBR15 Gravel to Building Platforms

  • 2,000m3 CBR45 Gravel to Building Platforms

  • 2,000m3 CBR80 Gravel to Building Platforms

  • 3.2km of stormwater pipe up to 1050dia

  • 4.7km of kerb and channel

  • 17,700m2 of asphalt


  • Regular internal and external QHSE audits conducted to ensure high standards maintained

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