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Petrie mill development - early civil works

Moreton By Regional Council

Petrie, Qld

$3.3 million

Located adjacent to Gympie Road and Paper Avenue, the Petrie Mill Development Early Civil Works was part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council's development of the former Petrie Mill site into a mixed-use development incorporating a university campus alongside residential, commercial and open space land uses.


ALLROADS involvement included: 

  • clearing and grubbing of the site, 

  • removal of redundant infrastructure incl. asphalt, kerb and channel, storm water, paths, lighting and conduits,

  • cut and construct open drain, 

  • rock retaining walls construction,

  • construction of an access track behind open drain,

  • general landscaping, turfing and hydro mulching.


The site incorporated mapped areas of Matters of State Environmental Significance and was a known habitat for Koalas. As such, development and construction activities were required to incorporate measures to manage the interface between environmental and development areas and minimise ecological impacts on non-development areas.


Given the location of the works at a high-volume traffic intersection, effective traffic management was critical to the success of the project. Of particular concern was potential conflicts between ALLROADS construction plant and traffic that used the roads near the entrance to the site.  To mitigate this particular risk, ALLROADS developed a site-specific Traffic Management Plan and carried out additional protection works on the interface area.


A well thought out methodology, in conjunction with ALLROADS effective and innovative project and QHSE management approach, enabled the successful delivery of this project.

  • Importation of over 60,000t of fill


  • Implementation of detailed construction methodologies


  • Comprehensive Vehicle Movement Plan


  • Disposal of Asbestos contaminated material


  • Construction within 1m of a live APA High Pressure Gas Main


  • Effective partnering with Moreton Bay Regional Council


  • Project completed on time within budget


  • Regular internal and external QHSE audits conducted to ensure high standards maintained

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