Constructive Thinking Experts

ALLROADS are committed to the growth and development of Indigenous Communities and providing engagement and upskilling opportunities.


Our vision for reconciliation is to work collectively and in collaboration with Indigenous peoples to provide Indigenous communities and Indigenous businesses with the means to build an economic platform that will act as a springboard for continued economic growth and community development.

Downlod a copy of our RAP here.

To that end, we have made the commitment to engage with Reconciliation Australia and have developed our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which received approval from Reconciliation Australia in late 2020. 

ALLROADS has also developed a formal Local and Indigenous Participation and Procurement Policy as part of our Integrated Management System. Where required, we also look to develop individual Indigenous Participation Plans for projects that outline our approach to achieving engagement targets.

Demonstrating the ALLROADS Group commitment to growing Indigenous engagement in the civil construction sector, in mid-2020, the ALLROADS Group of Companies launched a new joint-venture entity, On Country Roads Civil & Mining (OCR).


The purpose of OCR is to provide indigenous project resourcing and supply chain options and ALLROADS looks to partner with OCR on applicable projects to ensure we are engaging with local Indigenous peoples and businesses, with a strong emphasis on exceeding required project procurement standards.