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Heathwood Rise Estate is a multi-stage, residential development located 20 minutes south-west of the Brisbane CBD. 

ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake the first two stages of works in late 2014 from the project Consultants, ETS Engineering before being awarded the contract for Stage 3 and 4 works in mid-2015. 

Works undertaken across all stages have included clearing, bulk earthworks, road construction, stormwater drainage, sewerage reticulation, water trunk mains, pavements, concrete works, electrical reticulation, drainage structures, and external shoulder widening.

As the project involved external road widening including the installation of new sewer, stormwater and water along existing verges a high level of planning was required due to existing services within the area.

This involved co-ordination with external parties including Energex, Telstra, Queensland Urban Utilities. Allroads developed a detailed construction program in order to ensure the external works were completed in the most efficient and cost effective manner reducing time delays to the client.

  • Carried out more than 22,000m3 of cut/fill/export off-site bulk earthworks operations

  • Construction of over 1,100m2 concrete sleeper walls

  • Construction of over 5,000m2 pavement including asphalt surfacing

  • Installation of water, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure

  • External shoulder widening and clearing

  • High level of erosion and sediment control

  • Excavation adjacent to existing power poles

  • Traffic Management required for works on Old Blunder Road and Falkland Street

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