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ALLROADS was awarded the contract to undertake commercial and residential access works for a new development in Plainland, in South East Queensland’s Lockyer Valley.

Following this initial contract award, ALLROADS have gone on to complete 3 contracts for work for the development including early access works, residential development stages and trunk sewer works. 

Works undertaken across all contracts have included clearing, bulk earthworks, road construction, stormwater drainage, sewerage reticulation, water trunk mains, pavements, concrete works, electrical reticulation, drainage structures, and bio-retention basin construction. 

The project included the external widening of an existing road; this presented a number of challenges including a high level of traffic management and placed a strong emphasis on planning to ensure minimal disruption was cause to the community. A high level of community liaison was involved due to this widening and the close proximity of a shopping centre.

The project consisted of three main areas – residential/commercial subdivision, external works, and a large bio-retention basin. The bio-retention basin consisted of approximately 1000m2 and included pipework, stone pitching, rock work, landscaping and planting. This involved a high level of liaison and communication between the different contractors involved.

ALLROADS looked to manage the project challenges by working closely with the consultants to adapt the design wherever possible to meet the specific individual site conditions. A detailed project management approach was implemented to ensure the desired outcomes were achieved.

ALLROADS was then awarded the contract to commence Southern Precinct works at the Gehrke Road, Plainland residential and commercial development.

The Southern Precinct works included upgrades to Gehrke Road and Stages 1, 2, and 6 of the commercial and residential development involved; clearing and grubbing, bulk earthworks, road construction, stormwater drainage, sewerage reticulation, water trunk mains, pavements, concrete works, electrical reticulation, drainage structures.

One of the main works components was the widening of Gehrke Road; a main thoroughfare for residents living in and near neighbouring Regency Downs. High levels of traffic management, community liaison and staging of works was required to undertake over 10,000m2 of full pavement reconstruction and sealed pavement construction whilst maintaining live traffic on Gehrke and Endeavour Roads.

The contract also saw the construction of over 2,000m2 of footpath/bikeway; providing pedestrian friendly access to the neighbouring shopping complex. In addition, the intersection upgrade at Endeavour Way and Gehrke Road included additional turning lanes and the installation of the regions first set of traffic lights.

Critical to the success of the project was community and stakeholder engagement and communication with other trades to ensure works were completed concurrently with other works packages, on schedule and with minimal disruption to surrounding neighbourhoods and business precincts.

  • 25,000m3 of earthworks including level 1 compaction requirements,

  • Greenfield site including 7500m2 of new pavement construction,

  • External shoulder widening including pavement construction and surfacing,

  • Construction of 1,000m2 Bio-Retention Basin,

  • Installation of water, stormwater, sewer infrastructure,

  • High degree of community liaison,

  • Construction of rock boulder retaining wall,

  • Construction of 140,000L Concrete Sewer Storage Facility and Grit Chamber

  • Installation of electrical and telecommunication conduits.

  • Undertook in excess of 10,000m2 of full pavement reconstruction and sealed pavement construction,

  • Constructed over 2000m2 of footpath/bikeway,

  • Stripped over 10,000m3 of topsoil 

  • Moved over 50,000m3 of earthworks materials, 

  • Installed 3km of stormwater, 1km of watermain and 500m of sewer line,

  • Installation of electrical and telecommunication conduits.

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