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Flagstone City is a 500 ha+ development located at Jimboomba which on completion will include  a selection of neighbourhoods, schools, a  city centre that will feature all the services and amenities of a major regional centre, parks and green space.

ALLROADS were initially awarded the contract to undertake stage 1E works in February 2017, then additional 1F to 1J bulk earthworks and civil works packages followed, incorporating 187 lots with specific works including: bulk earthworks, rock management and processing, retaining walls, stormwater, sewer, water reticulation, gravel placement and asphalting.

The rock management component of the works provided a number of challenges due to the high strength nature of the rock and close proximity of residential housing and trench excavations up to 6m deep were required. To help overcome this, drill, blast and crush operations were performed in varying depths of up to 8m deep. 

As the Flagstone Development is an Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) approved development, environmental management, traffic management and stakeholder management was critical in undertaking the works.  ALLROADS closely monitored construction works ensuring relevant public interface, traffic, and environmental controls were being implemented as per the EDQ approved Project Management Plan. 

  • 220,000m3 cut/fill bulk earthworks.

  • Excavation and processing of over 180,000m3 of rock including drill and blasting of over 100,000m3, crushing of over 60,000m3 of rock for use as general fill. This required with two drill rigs and three crushing plant on site at any one time.

  • Construction of 1,700m2 of exposed aggregate concrete driveways.

  • Construction of over 1,100 m2 of concrete sleeper retaining walls up ranging in heights up to 3m.

  • Construction of over 17,000m2 of new road pavements with asphalt surfacing.

  • Installation of over 3,300m of sewer and 2,700m of water supply infrastructure

  • Construction of over 3,500m of stormwater drainage infrastructure and three bio-retention basins.

  • High level of erosion and sediment control due to existing overland flow paths and creek waterways downstream of the project.

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