AR 1864 Fitz 21 - aerial photo 27-04-16.

Fitzgibbon Chase Estate Stages 17 – 21

Calibre Consulting for Economic Development Queensland (EDQ)

Fitzgibbon, Queensland

$10.3 Million

The Fitzgibbon Chase Estate is a master planned community located 13km north of the Brisbane CBD. An initiative of the Queensland Government, on completion the Estate will have approximately 1,350 homes across 21 stages.


ALLROADS became involved in the project in late 2014 after being awarded the Stages 17 & 18 contract from project Consultants, Calibre Consulting. Following on from this, the company was also awarded Stage 19, 20, 21 works and the $1m Norris Road storm water drainage infrastructure and road and intersection work works; taking the total value of works to over $10.3m.


Works undertaken across the stages have included earthworks, roadworks, stormwater, sewer and water services, and coordination of electrical and telecommunication infrastructure.


Challenges that were faced throughout the duration of the project include small road and lot sizes, which created difficulty in planning and installing services in roads to minimise clashes with surrounding services. The solution was to plan and route services correctly to reduce clashes and maximise the lot sizes for the Client.

  • Laid over 1,800m of stormwater, 1,600m of sewer and 3,500m of watermain (dual service)

  • Constructed triple cell 2100x750 culvert structure to TMR specifications

  • Carried out more than 30,000m3 of earthworks in boggy wetlands

  • Constructed over 12,000m2 of roadway

  • Electrical reticulation works

  • Construction of Bio Retention Basin

  • Design and Construct approximately 1,800m2 of concrete sleeper retaining walls

  • EnviroDeveloper – UDIA 6 Leaf Project

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