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The fairways, brookwater - stage 2

Springfield Land Corporation Pty Ltd

Brookwater, Qld

$2.5 million

The Fairways Brookwater is a 2ha residential development which on completion included 30 allotments situated within the Brookwater Master Precinct just west of Springfield and pocketed within the Greg Norman Designed Brookwater Golf Course.


ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake Stage Two works in July 2017, incorporating 30 lots with specific works including: bulk earthworks including export, drainage, sewer, water, services, roadworks, concrete works, retaining walls and acoustic fencing.


The retaining walls had a number of challenges due to the poor ground conditions. This meant that as soon as the material started to dry out, it lost its form and became susceptible to collapse. Therefore, this needed to be constantly monitored during the retaining wall works.


Another challenge was managing erosion and sediment control from existing catchments and our site which discharged onto the Brookwater Golf Course. Based on prior experience and best practice, we used mulch bunds to effectively manage rain events which was positively received by our client.


With plenty of green space and great finishes, it is another high end development for the Brookwater community to enjoy.

  • 7,000m3 cut to fill bulk earthworks.


  • 800m2 of two-tiered concrete sleeper retaining walls and 1000m2 vertica walls in challenging ground conditions


  • 400m of 2m high acoustic fencing along Augusta Parkway


  • Construction of over 3,300m2 new road pavements with asphalt surfacing


  • Installation of sewer and water supply infrastructure


  • Construction of stormwater drainage infrastructure including forebays


  • High level of erosion and sediment control due to existing overland flow paths

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