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August Aerial

CPA Stage 3a & Rideshare &

Banksia Valet Overflow Car park

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Brisbane Airport, QLD

$5.0 million

Following our successful completion of the BAC Stage 3B and Stage 4A Valet Car Park projects, in mid 2019 ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake the Stage 3A Permanent Staff Car Park and Rideshare Upgrades project for the Brisbane Airport Corporation. 


Due to our successful completion of these initial works, ALLROADS were then subsequently awarded the Banksia Valet Overflow Car Park as an extension of the original contract.    


Construction works included:  

  • Demolition and removal of existing light poles, pits, asphalt and concrete;

  • Earthworks including Cut to Fill and Cut to Stockpile;

  • Electrical (HV and LV) and communication conduits, pits, cabling installations;

  • Stormwater drainage, Subgrade and Unbound Pavement works,

  • Subsoil drains, concrete kerb and permanent fencing, 

  • Watermain and fire hydrants,

  • Asphalt and Spray Seal Pavements,

  • Landscaping, linemarking, signage and road furniture,

  • Street lights and CCTV installation including testing and commissioning.


ALLROADS put extensive planning into the programming and staging of the works in order to complete the project in the most efficient way to ensure all BAC milestone dates were achieved.

All works were undertaken to the highest quality standards in accordance with BAC Technical Guidelines, SMEC Specifications and BAC Works Inspector requirements. Effective QHSE systems were put in place with Environmental and Safety inspections conducted in accordance with the project requirements and attended by BAC’s WHS & Environmental Officers and BAC’s Work inspector.

  • 14,000m3 Earthworks Cut to Spoil Offsite

  • 18,000m2 Asphalt Pavement Car Park (Permanent)

  • 7,000m2 Spray Sealed Pavement Car Park (Temporary)

  • Approx. 650 lineal meters stormwater drainage

  • Street Lighting and CCTV scope

  • Concrete Works

  • Permanent Fencing

  • Traffic Management

  • $0.95m contract variation to construct the 12,500m2 Banksia Valet Overflow Car Park​

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