Steelwork at Tallowood

Tallowwood, The gap - residential development

80 Settlement Rd Construction Pty Ltd

The Gap, Qld

$3.5 million

Tallowwood is a 43-lot residential subdivision set within an exclusive five-acre sanctuary in the heart of The Gap, 8km west of Brisbane’s CBD. ALLROADS were involved in the project since its inception being awarded the contract to undertake all civil construction works for the development.


Works performed under the contract consisted of earthworks, stormwater, sewer, water, fire main, electrical, communications, road construction including concrete pavement, sleeper, masonry and block retaining walls, acoustic and timber fencing. A highlight of the project was the construction of a 10m-span trafficable bridge structure and a large stormwater gabion drop structure.


Given the project’s close vicinity to Fish Creek, the project required a high level of community and stakeholder liaison in relation to the planned works in this area and protection of the creek area.


Environmental Management and CPESC involvement and inspections saw ALLROADS maintain a high standard of erosion and sediment controls during construction.


Numerous latent conditions have been encountered on the project, including unsuitable material (rubbish, etc) which required removal and replacement, and hard granite rock which required foundation redesigns for retaining walls, acoustic fence and bridge structure.


To facilitate the success of this project ALLROADS put in place careful planning and management of the various works and trades, to ensure the program was sequenced and staged efficiently.

  • 8.8m wide x 10.0m long Fibre Composite Road Bridge with SM1600 load capacity


  • Over 625m2 retaining walls constructed, including 1-3.5m high sleeper walls and a 115 lineal meter masonry retaining wall 1-2.5m high


  • Large stormwater gabion drop structure


  • 2,770m2 concrete slab road pavements


  • Over 600m2 Hardwood timber acoustic fencing


  • Environmental Management including CPESC involvement / inspections

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