Cole Street Pavement Rehabilitation

Ipswich City Council

Booval Street, Ipswich, Queensland

$1.2 Million

ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake Pavement Rehabilitation works at Cole Street Booval for the Ipswich City Council.



The pavement rehabilitation works including resurfacing of 410m section of road, drainage improvements including general features of existing road reconstruction with low complexity graded intersections and channelization works.


The works included pavement excavation for 3 pavement types ranging from 400mm below existing to 50mm below at the intersection to Brisbane Road (DTMR Corridor).  The pavement rehabilitation included a significant longitudinal joint for staging of the reconstruction works one side of road, then the other side. The new pavement consisted of a multi-layer gravel placement.

Traffic Management for the worksite needed to facilitate the movement of local traffic typically <500 vehicles/ day with traffic management to both pedestrians, local residents and 5 no. commercial shopping centres driveway access/ egress points.

Numerous existing services were required to be located and protection in place during construction, including identification and management of unknown services, to which no unknown services were compromised. 

Allroads worked collaboratively with the asphalting subcontractor APS, with identification and management sequencing of works to expedite program whilst maximising utilisation of the traffic management staging.

  • >500m of Drainage Kerb, Channel and Crossovers demolition and reconstruction

  • >160m2 of New Residential Concrete Driveway and Gravel Driveways Construction

  • >1,400m3 of Existing Road Pavement Excavation to Spoil.

  • >5,000m2 of New Spray Seal Surfaces

  • >1,600tons of New Asphalting Pavement construction.

  • Completed works during peak Christmas holiday season and in alignment with the approved Date for Completion.

  • High public protection standards to minimise disturbance and ensure safety of local residents, shopping centre interests and public road users.

  • Works successfully performed under live traffic conditions with vehicular access to affected properties maintained at all times.

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