BMA Broadmeadow MinE, Civil Repairs and Upgrades

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

Moranbah, Queensland

$3.23 Million

Broadmeadows underground coal mine is located in the Bowen Basin Region of Queensland, 25 Kilometres from Moranbah.
Allroads has been awarded 4 separate packages of work to ensure the environmental responsibilities of the mine are met while maintaining coal mining production capabilities.
Bulk earthworks to construct engineered bund walls and drains to alleviate surface subsidence caused by underground mining operations, including;

  • Clearing and grubbing

  • Strip and respread topsoil

  • Stormwater drainage installation

  • Treatment of non-cohesive sodic soils with Gypsum including moisture conditioning and re-compaction.

  • Formation of rock-lined drainage chutes, drop structures and check dams to repair erosion damage in numerous locations along the Isaac River banks and subsidence cracks adjacent to the work area;

  • Detailed excavation

  • Import and placement of quarry rock of various sizes for rock structures


Construction of heavy plant access road and borehole drilling hardstand to facilitate expansion of the mine’s production capabilities, including;

  • Bulk cut to fill earthworks

  • Road signage

  • Import and placement of quarry materials for unbound pavement construction


Safe operation within QLD Coal Mining legislation and the BMA’s strict safety & health management system.
The hot and dry environment with temperatures in excess of 45 degrees require
water management to be prioritised throughout the project. The utilisation of a fleet of up to 5 water trucks was necessary for optimum moisture to be achieved during earthworks operations and to ensure environmental expectations were met in regard to dust.

  • 5.3ha of clearing & grubbing, topsoil strip and subsequent respread

  •  45,000m3 cut to fill earthworks (bulk and detailed excavation)

  • Import and placement of 4,400t of quarry materials for rock lined drains and structures

  • 33,500m2 ground surface treatment including Gypsum stabilisation

  • Supply, spread and compact 5400t haul road granular pavement materials

  • Detailed Project Management Plans and Construction Methodologies

  • Compliance with Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017

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