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albany forest drive road upgrade

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Albany Creek, Qld

$1.55 million

In November 2017 ALLROADS were awarded the contract to undertake road upgrade works at Albany Forest Drive, Albany Creek for Moreton Bay Regional Council.


The project required construction of a new signalised intersection at Albany Forest Drive and Jagora Drive, construction of a new right turn lane onto Old Northern Road including signal re-configuration and associated streetscape and road upgrade works. 


Discrepancies between existing underground services, other structures and the design drawings provided challenges to the construction works. In addition, there were also a number of design changes with respect to the scope of works. In adopting a collaborative partnership with Council, ALLROADS were able to ensure suitable outcomes were achieved with minimal impact to the project.


Demonstrating innovation in our project delivery, ALLROADS proposed an alternative methodology for the required reconfiguration works to an existing stormwater pit structure located in the new right turn lane near Old Northern Road. This alternative construction methodology was accepted by Council, resulting in time savings to the project, whilst also further minimising construction impacts to road users.

  • Upgrades to 14 stormwater drainage structures


  • Over 1,000m² concrete works including shared foot path, vehicle crossovers and decorative car bays


  • 1,350t asphalt laid including deep lift pavements and resurfacing works


  • 600m of kerb reconstruction and pavement shoulder works


  • New signalised intersection at Jagora Drive, consisting of 13 new traffic signal poles


  • Installation of 19 new streetlights and associated electrical works


  • Construction of new right hand turn lane onto Old Northern Road and associated traffic signal reconfigurations


  • High public protection standards to minimise disturbance and ensure safety of local residents

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