Get the Green Machine on Your Site

The Green Machine is ALLROADS uniquely designed and manufactured Site Sediment Treatment Tank.

It is designed to be utilised on sites that do not have a functioning design sediment basin or as an interim measure where runoff from part of a site still needs to be treated.

Special features of the Machine include:

  • Large effective treatment and storage capacity with small footprint (ideal for sites which are too small for a design sediment basin);
  • Fully Hot-dip Galvanized to resist corrosion;
  • Setup on heavy duty skids for ease of manoeuvrability around the jobsite (also has designated lift-points for 4-legged sling);
  • Twin 2” male camlock “raw water” connection points (permits two flex drive pumps to be connected simultaneously);
  • Elevated non-slip Catwalk to access the flocculation treatment tray (with regulation ladder, handrail and safety chains);
  • Removable dual inlet pipes to permit removal of safety screen and to access the removable flocculation tray;
  • Multiple treatment compartments separated by “baffle weirs” with lockable safety screens – allows various grades of geotextile cloth to be “hung down” inside each compartment (as a secondary protocol) to aid, or to simply to speed up the filtration process;
  • Eight waste plugs for easy maintenance;
  • External Heavy Duty Manifold with four ball valves to permit selective drawdown from each compartment;
  • 3” Camlock at end of manifold to draw water directly into a watercart or larger pump;
  • Can be trickle fed and used for temporary onsite water detention OSD and for reuse as construction water, or as a drop tank setup on a turkey mound.

To date ALLROADS have rolled out the Green Machine on a number of significant projects including our current undertaking of works at Westfield North Lakes, Grand Central Shopping Centre Redevelopment Toowoomba, the $8.3m Garden City Shopping Centre Redevelopment Civil Works and the Enoggera Barracks 1st Regiment Civil Works.

Hire of the Machine is only $400 per week (excluding consumables) and can be arranged by contacting ALLROADS Head Office on 07 3829 9436.

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