ALLROADS Making Indigenous Engagement a Priority

As part of our commitment to increasing Indigenous participation in our project delivery, ALLROADS recently held an Indigenous Engagement Practices Workshop at our Shailer Park Head Office.

Run in conjunction with ISCC – Indigenous Supply Chain Connections, the primary objective of the workshop was to develop a greater understanding around the strategy required to better position ourselves with Indigenous communities throughout Queensland.

Specific topics covered over the day included:
• Indigenous Procurement Policy;
• Frameworks for effective Indigenous Engagement;
• Understanding Government and resource companies contractual requirements for Indigenous Participation Plans;
• How to find and engage Indigenous businesses;
• How to sensitively engage with Indigenous stakeholders; and
• Developing a strategy to round out the actions from the above topics.

ISCC’s professional approach and guidance during the workshop was second to none and provided ALLROADS with the information and tools required to get the ball rolling in this area.

ALLROADS looks forward to putting our strategy into action and collaboratively working with the many Indigenous communities across Queensland to help mentor, train and upskill them in the civil, mining and infrastructure sectors.

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